What a generous offering in this March 1 newsletter, Alison! Thank you for every bit of it.

It’s sad that Poetry has zero votes in your poll. No question it distills truth better than any other literary form. But having acknowledged that, I voted for Fiction because my experience as a journalist taught me the limitations of Nonfiction.

Facts are not the Truth said Matisse. And I turned to Fiction after several years in print and broadcast journalism for that very reason. No matter how thorough my coverage of any story, I always felt there was more to tell, more to say than the facts could communicate.

Thanks for giving us so much to think about today. Love the Photo!!

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Thank you, Andrew, for your thoughts, the poll-vote, the sharing! The words about poetry--yes.

I'll come back to this, but hoping others weigh in here, too. Interesting--when a writer has worked in multiple forms, to see the thoughts on this one.

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Mar 3, 2023Liked by Alison Acheson

Poetry condenses the experience which allows the reader to understand the emotional impact. The reader can appreciate the intensity of the words without being pulled in. When poetry is set to music all bets are off.

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